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Conflict Modes Training
Leadership Skills Training

Jason Lauer
Jason LauerVP Engineering and Testing Services

Shelly was an incredible asset to me and my team. As a senior manager of a 30 person engineering team, Shelly helped me to design and fascilitate off-site team building events, mentored 2 new managers (reporting directly to me) and led training programs (with ongoing working groups) in areas such as leadership, decision making and masterful conversations. Personally, Shelly coached me to continue developing my skills as a leader and in strategizing cross-functional change initiatives within our business. Shelly will be an exceptional resource to any company that utilizes her qualities and strengths in these areas.

Mike Huett
Mike HuettScrum Master / Agile Coach

I recently completed a Leadership Coaching Program with Shelly, and I can say without a doubt that it has made me a more effective leader, a stronger communicator and a more confident coach.

The work I did with Shelly on conflict resolution modes was especially powerful for me. I now more deeply understand my own default conflict resolution modes, and this has helped me to consciously choose the best mode for a given situation (rather than always sticking with my default mode). I have also used this to help other folks on my team better understand their own default modes (and to help them, too, see that other paths are sometimes better).

Simply put, the work I did with Shelly was invaluable, and I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!

Trevor Sterrit
Trevor SterritManager of Software and IT

Shelly was my coach during my transition from an individual contributor to a manager at Intuit. Shelly helped me to develop my own skills in performance management, motivation, building relationships, and managing through transitions. My success as a manager is due in a large part to the coaching that I received from Shelly.

Don Sarno
Don SarnoAgile Software Development Executive

Shelly truly understands how to partner with a leadership team to drive an extremely effective leadership methodology and learning culture

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