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Leadership Development

Training leaders how to create engaging, collaborative environments and transform groups into motivated and empowered teams.

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Supporting Women’s Careers

Energizing women to achieve their unfulfilled potential and express themselves authentically in the work they do.

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Coaching Programs

Working with leaders to build not only skills, but the mental capacity and emotional intelligence needed today to navigate successfully through increasingly complex challenges.

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Workshops & Events

Private workshops and public events provide experiential learning in a safe and fun environment.

Shelly Darnutzer Leadership Coach, Trainer

Shelly is a skilled Leadership Coach with over 25 years working directly in the technology world, as a top performing engineering manager and project manager and as a certified professional leadership coach. Since 2006, she has coached executives, directors, managers and influential employees at all levels. She works with highly skilled, technically proficient employees who need to tap into stronger people and communication skills. She helps her clients understand their mindset and personal impact, and how their way of thinking and behaviors affect other people and business results. With a focus on action, Shelly assists technology professionals to successfully navigate workplace politics with integrity and to take their careers to the next level.

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