The approach to high-impact leadership development is a straightforward four step process:

Diagnose–  Assess your personal needs as well as the organizational needs and desired results.  Identify what is currently working and what needs to be addressed. Obtain input from key stakeholders when needed.

Design– Develop high-impact programs for leaders and managers at all levels of the organization.

Deliver– Facilitate programs that ensure the skills you and your employees develop will be utilized every day delivering real benefit.

Evaluate– Assess the impact of each program (or element) to ensure that results are being delivered.


Leadership Acceleration Day – 1/2 or Full Day Private Coaching

Accelerate your vision and leadership effectiveness. If you want to dive deep into specific content of the  Leadership Agility Program or you’ve got a specific goal or problem you want addressed now, a VIP Day is your solution.

This is a full or half day focused on you, your goals and challenges. This private, one-on-one coaching is designed to focus on the things that are most important to you.

With several hours of attention, you will breakthrough the things that are holding you back and create an action plan to get the results you are looking for to have a high impact on your leadership.

You will end with a step-by-step strategy to carry you forward and get the support you need.

To get more information or request a complementary 30 minute strategy session, click here.

Leadership Mastery Program – 6 Months Private

This is a one-on-one coaching program for leaders who are ready to re-energize and reinvent themselves. You will receive ongoing support, mentoring, and breakthroughs with the experience of being in complete alignment with your goals and personal needs.

  • Momentum – We start with a full day VIP intensive to immerse you in the foundations of the program and establish a roadmap for the six months ahead. You will also experience immediate results and impact.
  • Support – You will receive ongoing, bi-weekly coaching to step through the program and help you implement each step of your development plan
  • Resources – Private email access, templates, checklists, guides, action plans you need to develop your skills
  • Deep Dive Topics – Private topics are selected based on your 6-month priorities and goals

To get more information or request a complementary 30 minute strategy session, click here.

Leadership Mastery Group Program –  Group Coaching

This is small group coaching for leaders who want to benefit from group wisdom and support as you work through the material. The 1/2 day VIP session and Deep Dive topics are done as a group. The support and resources are the same as private session.